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The line has blurred between marketing and content. Today’s media must entertain, inform, and carry a brand’s message without turning away savvy media consumers. That is why we use the documentary form to tell authentic stories that engage your community. Whether you are one of the worlds biggest brands, a healthcare company, tech start-up, non-profit, book publisher, or think tank, the immediacy of non-fiction creates an opening for your audience to connect with your brand.

documos shooting on location

Put simply, documos are real stories that appeal to your customers, users, funders, and audience in todays oversaturated media landscape.

“The team are masters at making you comfortable with the process, and making sure it doesn’t take too much time. Once they have the raw footage, their real genius comes through: post production.” ~ Shervin Talieh, Chief Executive Officer, Drumbi

We have years of experience working in marketing, television, and documentary film. We bring that knowledge to all of our projects.We work with clients like Bank of America, Pandora Internet Radio, Causes, HarperCollins and many others. Our style of short-form, high quality, branded documentary brings the best of non-fiction storytelling to your message. Our branded content is built for engagement and is easily shared over social media. We employ the cutting edge of documentary and non-fiction television production techniques to ensure the highest production value at affordable prices.

“The team at Documos created a top-notch documentary style promotional video for [They] are a treat to work with, and produced a great finished product.” ~ Porter Haney, Founder,

We are creatives working in the new frontier of social media and branded content. We understand the importance of authentic messaging, as well as working with a partner that can perform at every stage of production. We want to take your project from concept to completion. Let’s share your story.